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3 Sentence Summary (Beginning, Middle & End)

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1. The Throne Of Fire

Rick Riordan

Thirteen year old Carter and twelve year old Sadie are magicians who try to stop an evil magician Menshicov from helping Egyptian god Apophis.

Carter and Sadie with the help of other Egyptian gods, goddesses and magicians battle the evil magician Menshicov.

Carter and Sadie defeated the evil magician Menshicov, god Apophis and their demons and went home to the House of Life.

nrm 10-10

2. Number The Stars

Lois Lowry

(1)Annemaries friend Ellen is living with Annemaries family to keep away from the nazi soldiers.

(2)Both of their families go to uncle Henriks house to stay safe.

(3)Ellen and her family took uncle Henriks boat to Sweden, where the nazi soldiers have not invaded yet

NRM 10-30

3. Hatchet

Gary Paulson

(1) Brian is flying North across Canada in a small plane with a pilot who has a heart attack. The plane crashes in a pond. All Brian has to survive is a hatchet his mom gave him.

(2) Brian creats fire by hitting the hatchet against a rock. He kills lots of animals and cooks them on the fire.

(3) Brian goes back to the plane in the pond and finds a survival pack and finds an emergency transmitter and somebody was near by and saved him.

NRM 10-30

4. Powerless

Matthew Cody

(1)Daniel moves to a new town named Noble's Green. Daniel's new friends turn out to be superheros with many different powers.

(2)When each kid turns thirteen they lose their powers. Daniel helps them figure out why they are losing their powers.

(3)Daniel finds out a man named Herman Plunkett is the one taking their powers. Daniel and his friends fight Herman Plunkett and destroy the special necklace giving him his powers.

NRM 10-30

5. Super

Matthew Cody

(1)Daniel and his friends are at a lake under the tangle creek bridge when someone accidently drives off the bridge. Daniels friend Eric stops the car from falling.

(2)The person Eric saved is Herman Plunketts grandson. Daniel has been accedently borrowing his friends powers, but they dont know how.

(3)They thought Herman Plunkett had died the last time he fought them, but hes still alive and tring to stael their powers again. The cause for Daniel borrowing his friends powers is that Herman Plunket has been controlling him and made him use a ring that could take away his friends powers. They fight him again and eventually beat him.

NRM 10-31

6. Bridge to Terabithia

Katherine Patterson

(1)Jess is practicing to be the fastest in 5th grade, but a new girl named Leslie that just moved in beats them all. Jess and Leslie become friends and create an imaginary world in the woods behind their houses called terabithia

(2)They go there a lot but lately the river they cross on a rope has been realy high. Jess goes on a trip to an art museam with one of his teacher.

(3)When Jess gets back from his trip he learns that Leslie had died beecause the rope broke and she drowned. Jess is realy sad ad he later shows his little sister Terabithia

NRM 10-30

7. The Giver

Lois Lowry

(1)12 year old Jonas is living in a world with no choices or color and each year from the ages 1-12 there is a ceremony for each age group. At the ceremonie for 12 year olds they choose a job for each kid and for Jonas's job they choose the reciever.

(2)The reciever holds memories that were passed down from reciver to the new reciever so the reciever gives all of the memories to Jonas who can also see color now.

(3)Jonas runs away from his house to find another world with color and many other qualities like music and snow.

NRM 12-3

8. JeremyThatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Bruce Coville

(1)Jeremy Thatcher is running downs streets hes never seen before and finds himself lost, so he goes inside a magic shop across the street and buys a cool colored ball that turnes out to be a dragon egg.

(2)Jeremy follows the instructions the shop owner gave him to hatch the egg and take care of the dragon. Jeremy notices that the dragon is getting bigger very quicly.

(3)Jeremy gets a letter from the magic shop owner telling him that he had to let the dragon go to a dragon world so he does, but they can still communicate trough picture in their minds.

NRM 12-3

9. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

J.K. Rowling

(1)Harry learns that his parents that had died were once wizards and that he is also a wizard so he goes to hogwarts to learn magic.

(2)Harry is suspicious about professer snape, professer Quirrel, and the sorcerers stone which is hevily guarded.

(3)Harrys figures out that his suspicians were right and he ges past all of the test to find thatprofesser Quirrel was trying to steal the stone to help Voldemort survive. Harry defeats professer Quirrel and the sorcerers stone is destroyed.

NRM 12-3

10.The Mysterious Guest House

Ken Munro

(1)While Brian is riding his bike around town he finds a guest house that seems suspicious so he calls his friend Sammy to investigate.

(2)Brian and Sammy figure out that a ruby brooch was stolen from a man named Mr. Mason who died right before it was stolen and one of the people at the guest house stole it.

(3)Brian and Sammy find out that another person named Brian stole the ruby brooch and catch him.

NRM 1-2

11. The Ruins of Gorlan

John Flanagan

(1)Will is about to be chosen for a job in the kingdom and is chosen to be a Ranger

(2)Wills master is Halt and halt trains Will for the Rangers gathering.

(3)When they get to the Rangers gathering is cancelled because Mogarath (bad guy) is using a deadly beast name the Kalkara to kill many important people. Will and Halt hunt down the Kalkara and kill them.

NRM 1-2

12. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Barbara Robinsoad

(1)A group of brothers and sisters who are very mean kids that steal many things and people call them the Herdmans

(2)A boy named Charlie tells the Herdmans about church and all of them sign up for the church christmas pageant.

(3)The Herdmans put on a surprisingly good show better and different than all the others

NRM 1-2

13. Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets

J.K. Rowling

(1)Harry Potter is soon going to Hogwarts but Doppy (a house elf) is warning him that bad things will happen at Hogwarts

(2)Harry and his friends find out many clues about what the chamber of secrets is and whats in side it and they eventually find out how to open the chamber and that a giant serpent called a Basilisk is in there

(3)The School finds out that Ginny (Rons little sister) was taken by the basilisk. Harry and Ron go in chamber of secrets. Harry kills the basalisk, and saves Ginny

NRM 1-2

14.Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Ugly Truth

Jeff Kinney

(1)Greg and Rowley get into a fight and start inoreing each other

(2)Gregs mom goes back to school and makes it a lot harder for gregs family because they dont know how to cook.

(3)Greg and Rowley beome fiends again after a long time.

nrm 2/5

15.Diary of a Wimpy Kid the Third Wheel

Jeff Kinney

(1)Gregs uncle Gary moves in with his family and is making their life a lot harder.

(2)Gregs school is having a valintines day dance and greg cant find anyone to go with

(3)The Dance wasnt actually that good as it was supposed to be.

nrm 2/5

16.Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever

Jeff Kinney

(1)Gregs school life is getting worse because of Mutiple problems and he still doesnt know what he wants for chrismas

(2)Greg and his family get stuck in te house and their powe goes off

(3)They figure out the problem with the power and the snow plow comes.

NRM 2/5

17.Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

(1)A young boy named Jim and his mom are running an inn and a captain visits for a while and has his treasure and when he dies Jim takes his papers from inside one of his chests. Some pirates break in and they look for the papers and Jim’s mom faints from running away so Jim takes her to the doctors.

(2)The doctor looks at Jim’s papers he has and finds a map to lots of treasure so they find crew and leave for the island

(3)Some of the crew they discover are turning against them so many people die. When they finally get to the treasure most of the crew that turned have died so they leave whoevers left on the island and go home and each get a lot of money

NRM 2/5

18.Gathering Blue

Lois Lowry

(1)A girl named Kira has a crippled leg and her mom just died so they burnt her house in case of desiese, and a women named Vandara wants the spot where her house was so they go to a quart.

(2)Kira wins the battle, but she has to work on what the "singer" is wearing during the gathering each year. She visits a women nammed Annabell but she was taken away.

(3)Kiras dad who she had thought was dead was actually alive in another town and came to see her and gave her the color of blue which everybody she asked didnt know how to make it. Her dad asks her to come to his town but Kira said no because she has an important roll in her town.

NRM 2/28

19.Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank

(1)Anne Frank is givin a diary for her thirteenth birthday an she is very excited,but then the nazis start taking over and her amily is forced into hiding.

(2)More People move in with Annes family and she is getting a little annoyedbecause she has to stay there for a long time

(3)Anne Frank keeps getting madder at the people in th annex and starts bein hard on her self.Her diary ends there but after that her family is sent to concentration camps.

NRM 2/28


Lois Lowry

(1) Matty lives with a bind man they call Seer. Every year there is a trading mart that people can trade something for another thing.

(2)Matty hopes he will be givin the job messanger because he likes traveling through the forest ,but he discovers that he has a healing power. Meanwhile when Matty goes to the trade mart he figures out that the mentor has traded away his inner self, and its the same with others.

(3)While Mentor and the others build a wall to keep out new residents, Seer sent Matty to get his daughter from another town. When Matty travels through the forest he gets just small cuts, but in the way back Matty and Seer's daughter get extremely damaged by the forest. Eventually they can not move on any further, Mattys town leader is on his way, but they are close to dieing, and Matty relizes that he needs to use his healing powers.

NRM 4/1

21.Gifted Hands

Greg Lewis & Deborah Shaw Lewis

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22.The Maze Runner

James Dashner

(1)Thomas suddenly wakes up in te middle of a giant maze with many other kids with no memory of the past. The walls of the maze are huge and the doors close every night.

(2)Their are many creaturesin te maze called grievers that mostly come out at night. One day it seems like the power wnt off and th light fo the sun is gone and the doors dont close anymore, so the grievers keep killing them each nght one bye one.

(3)They come up with a final plan to get out of the maze which is to go where the grievers come from and use a code they found to get out. Their plan works but half of them are dead. In the end rescuers take them to safe place.

NRM 4/1

23.The Scorch Trials

James Dashner

(1)After they thought they wer safe they are put through another testin which they have to go 100 mles within two weeks.

(2)During their way they encounter deadly lightning storms and a big town with people that ahve a disease which slowly makes you go crazy.

(3)They make it to te safe haven before their deadline and board a gant air ship and are safe from harm and are told that the tests are over. But how can the be sure?

NRM 5/1

24.The Death Cure

James Dashner

(1)Thomas and his friends are in the eadquartes of the people who took them. They want to give the kids their memors back, but only a few refuse.

(2)They all ecape from the headqarters and go to a town of healthy people. Thomas meets a roup that plans to ae down th people who took them so thomas agrees.

(3) When they do their plan they blow up the entre headquarters and Thomas a the remaining in his group are trasported to a remote place away from anything.

NRM 5/1

25. Where the Red Fern Grows

Wilson Ralws

(1)Billy sves up his money for two years to buy hunting hounds.

(2)Billy has had many close encounters with his dogs ad sad experences. Later he even wins a hunting championship.

(3)When Billy is in the woods one day with his dogs a mountain lion appears and badly injurs one of the dogs and they both eventually die in the end.

NRM 5/1